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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Movie Review - Shuddhi - Kannada (2017)

Shuddhi is an excellent thriller
Today I watched the new Kannada movie Shuddhi in Serra Theaters in Milpitas.
Usually when I watch a movie and like it, I just write about it saying I liked it. But this movie is so SOLID I am going to stick my neck out and say "Please go and watch this movie".
We needed a Kannada movie like this and I was waiting for it.
The movie takes up the prevalent issue of rape and atrocities on women and delivers awareness in the form of a top notch thriller that keeps you guessing and frequently provides twists which keep turning your grasp of the story upside down till the end.
It is a satisfying movie experience.
I am so impressed by the team that made this movie I can't help wonder where were all these guys till now! Well I guess they were not around making movies because they were young and growing up. Hats off to the writer-director Adarsh H Eeshwarappa for making this movie which has a fantastic story with many layers to it. The entire cast and crew have turned in their best performances and made this movie a real thrill to watch.
The first thing that stands out for me is the very natural acting by all the actors. In this movie everybody speaks one of the most authentic Kannada I have ever heard in movies. The characters are all very natural and believable. The police officers appear, behave and talk like real police officers and not like the artificial larger than life screen heroes which we usually see in movies. The movie has three leading ladies Nivedita, Amrutha Karagada and the American actress Lauren Spartano.
Nivedita and Amrutha have given very dignified understated but yet very endearing performances. What I liked about them was the way they act like real human characters without the false airs we commonly see in movie heroines. They deliver their dialogues in down-to-earth Kannada which is spoken in real life and not with the artificial stuck-up accent heard only from movie heroines. Shashank Purushotham who plays the police detective and his assistants (don't know their names) stand out for the ease with which they essay their roles. Lauren Spartano speaks only English as she should and is very impressive in her role.
It is worth noting that the actors were all picked up from five or six drama troupes and are all strongly rooted in Kannada soil and culture. That explains the attractiveness of the dialogue delivery in the movie.
The movie scores well in technical aspects too with good photography, screen play and dialogues.
Kudos to the story-writer-director Adarsh Eeshwarappa and the producers Nandini Madesh and Madesh Bhaskar.
And thanks to Kasturi Media for bringing this movie to USA.
We are really lucky that we see a band of young directors like Rakshit Shetty, Pavan Kumar, Anup Bhandari, Duniya Suri, Hemant, Satyaprakash and others who are coming up with fresh ideas and delivering well made movies. It is a great time for Kannada Film Industry with a stream of successful high quality movies like Ulidavaru Kandante, Lucia, Rangitaranga, U-turn, Kenda Sampige, Godhi Banna Sadharana MykaTTu, Rama Rama Re and many more to come.

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